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The Sheltered Existence Pt.17 The Long Winding Road to Housing

This is my last few days at the shelter. I will be moving into permanent housing by weeks end. My “sisters” at Psi Kappa Omicron have decided to send me off with a bang: a few fights, psychotic smearing of feces on the bathroom wall, and generally being little more than grade school students not wanting the “unpopular kid” to sit with them at lunch. As for me, I’ve spent a few days doing nothing but sleep. I am exhausted from all this. I’ve spent a full day at HRA waiting to get a piece of paper, that I have to go back Thursday to retrieve.

I’m a celebrity… GET ME OUT OF HERE!


The Sheltered Existence Pt 16 Return to Grade School

Sunday. F$cking Sunday. We were all awakened at 6 am to the sounds of a heated argument. It lasted until 8 am. Two hours of people yelling at each over I have no clue, but since it was left to go on, I must presume that the overnight staffer was either asleep, not at the desk or watching it for entertainment purposes. Of course, the “SHUT THE F**K UP” rang out, along with “SHHH” all to no effect.

The rest of the day was quiet. Except for the Bernice Show. Loud, annoyingly brassy and you just want to stuff a sock in her mouth. She took exception to someone sitting near her at dinner and a grade school argument of “You can’t sit there” broke out. Duration? 10 minutes.

It’s time for the pre-medication snack, and a fight is about to break out over the gluttony of a few women. some are eating a third complete meal consisting of a leftover plate from lunch or dinner (or both) an apple and a slice of pie. This is not sitting well with the rest of the women who need to take their meds with food. This could be solved if a snack were brought in for everyone, but that’s asking a bit too much, when they more or less cleared out the fridge for tonight’s snack.

Thank you, Lord for my Deliverance from this Place. Selah

15 Minutes, Ghimeabragh

I am pleased to announce my FIRST FACEBOOK PAGE BAN!!!!!!! WOOOOOO

“JER 14:14 Then the LORD said unto me: ‘The prophets prophesy lies in My name; I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spoke I unto them; they prophesy unto you a lying vision, and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their own heart.”

That’s what got me banned. It was on the Facebook page “Watching for EndTimes” in a thread about ‘judging others” one poster made a comment about “wolf in sheeps clothing”. I compared the Admin to the description. This of course made him angry. After all, no one but he can judge others. He blithered on about not getting anything out of the page, to which I corrected him, politely, that he was. He tells me that “God” told him to bring attention to the nonsense he is spreading around, that’s when I posted the above quote.

And, that’s when he banned me.

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A Lesson in Sockpuppetry

Dear Socks,

If you are going to wander into a Facebook group to take on the members, it is always a good idea to read up on the person you are planning on impersonating, otherwise, you come off reading like a semi-literate baboon. Currently, there is a person pretending to be Emer De Vattel in one of the “Make Fun of Birthers” groups “challenging” us on Vattel’s inivisible “natural born citizen”. Invisible, because De Vattel never used the phrase in  his  Laws of Nations Or PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW OF NATURE APPLIED TO THE CONDUCT AND AFFAIRS OF NATIONS AND SOVEREIGNS . The French is Le droit des gens or, The Right of the People, if it were “Nations” it would be Le droit des pays.  So, right there, we have the first error in translation. How many more are there in that 1883 edition that was digitized in 1999?

Another thing, my dear sockpuppets and wanna-be torlls, if you have to run back your froup for support, you’ve lost.

So, remember my little sockpuppets, on Facebook you cannot be supported in email. And if you are going to impersonate someone, please try a wee bit harder, for you too can be awards the Cracked (Chamber) Pot, like Birther Køøk, “Emmerich Vattel” :


The Sheltered Existence, Pt13 Et Mi Matria

Happy UN-Thanksgiving. Times Square Church came and served up Jesus with the turkey and pork. I sat for a bit. got up and left, returned and began shaking with rage over the extreme level of discomfort, and the knowledge that I had reached my limit on the psychological pressure. I cracked. I vented, to a caseworker the week before, a volunteer, and I got the stealth conversion spiel from the woman who organized it from TSC. Everyone was telling me to suck it up and enjoy the turkey (which I did).  Later in the evening, while talking to a  staffer I mentioned my impression that this is not a secular shelter, and she agreed.

This morning, I got the stealth conversion via invitation to a church thanksgiving. The only way I can deal with the pressure is to be out of body, so to speak. or, banish myself to someplace else.

For 4 months,  I have put up with the unrelenting stealth proslytizing by the staff. They get all defensive when I asky why no consideration for other beliefs.   Thursday, the Umbrella organiztion will be serving a Thanksgiving meal. I told my caseworker that I feel the need to be “fucked up” in order to cope with the prospect of being on the outside looking in. I am stressed, anxious, doubling up on my meds. I sleep but wake up tired. I am angry. frustrated.  and, no one at that fucking place really gives a shit. ALL COURT HOLY WATER


I may be in Purgatory, but the rest of them are in Limbo.

So, Hail fucking Eris, kiddies.


The Sheltered Existence Pt. Snippy or, I was right, this is not a Secular Shelter

Yesterday, I went into a snit over being unceremoniously kicked from the cafeteria where the only useful outlets are so the church ladies who hold bible study in the “library” could have the space for their Thanksgiving celebration. I should point out, that a lot of other women were also kicked out when Staff came in announced that there was to be church in the cafeteria. No notice, nothing. So I got bent out of shape. A caseworker came out and I complained to him, and he got defensive (because he knew it was wrong) and then essentially said “Tough shit, this is a Christian majority.”

So, this Thursday, which is Thanksgiving, I will not be partaking of the traditional turkey dinner, as it means I will be forced to sit through Christian prayer and testimony in order to do so.  Now, there are those who would call me ingrate and those that tell me to suck it up and compromise my religious convictions, such as they are.


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The Sheltered Existence, Pt 11, Crossing the Abyss

So, I let all my facebook friends/enemies/frenemies know what my living situation is. No one has defriended me over it. Hell, I even posted it here. So why am I still outing myself? Because I can. I am the 99%. I work, I am disabled, though exceedingly high functioning, and I currently done earn enough to afford anything, anywhere in the USA. I know, that with the assistance I am being given by both City, State and Federal, that I will rise, like a phoenix out of this mire and be self-sufficient.

Being hospitalized for “suicidal ideation” has led to a certain amount of self-censoring. Just erased a paragraph, because you, the reader, may take it in ways than it’s intent. It sucks.  Just let me say, that I am over this particular “adventure” and I want my own place.


The Sheltered Existence, Pt 10 or, It really does take a poke in the eye

So, Friday.

Friday, I returned from my weekly meet up with a friend for late lunch and margaritas. When I returned to the shelter, I rode the elevator up with another resident who was just back from the hospital. She proceeded to tell me that the “Indigenous” Bigot[1]attacked her and  bit her so hard,  she required a tetanus shot. She was holding yellow paper.

Saturday, I had the day off, so I hung around, which was wise, as I don’t have a winter coat, and it was helacious outside with the snowstorm that blew through. I didn’t see either of them.  So, I asked where “I.B.” was, and I was told ALMOST the rest of the story: I.B. sees her victim and calls the cops. Cops arrive, and she starts calling telling the white cop to “go back to where he came from”. He tells her to be quiet. She takes this as an acknowledgement to continue her anti-EuroAmerican rant. THEN she sees the person she attacked and started in on her. The cops tell her not to speak to the victim. Again, she takes it as an acknowledgement to continue. She ends up under arrest, as does the victim.

On Sunday, on my way  back from work, I run into another from the shelter on her way home from work, who proceeds to tell me that the I.B. is at Bellevue for Observation and Evaluation. The victim was also stabbed in the eye with a pencil, a a piece of lead is still lodged in her eye.

Others had been repeatedly telling their caseworkers that the I.B. was close to harming someone, but they didn’t listen. A lawsuit may change that.




[1]The “Indigenous” Bigot (I.B.) is not First Nations. She’s German, Asian Indian and Black.

Image via Glasgow: Emblem: IUSTA VINDICTA


another three months

and, my head is back to where it was before I hospitalized myself. I am once more, “functionally dysfunctional” EVERY damn thing in this system is a three month timetable. get housing packet together, Three months. Send it off and get appointment: THREE FUCKING MONTHS later.

It’s about dragging it out for the dollars.

Fuck this.