Ad Astra, Chemo

On the 2nd Week of Chemo

I more or less survived m first week. I reacted badly to the Taxol, and now I get dosed with Benadryl before I get the drugs. I’m taking part in a study, so I get infused with calcium and magnesium before I get the Benadryl and the taxol & herceptin. the entire process is an all day affair. Benadryl knocks puts me to sleep. So far, no nausea, with the anti-nausea meds, but I am dealing with acne.


I am working on keeping to as normal a schedule as I can. Stay tuned.

Ad Astra

A Wandering Actor, I

After many long years of training, scene study and assorted false starts, I have found a coach who challenges me as an actor. He pulls things from deep inside me and pulls no punches in his assessments. I get the same from his associates. His name is John Pallotta. I’ve been at the John Pallotta Studio for a few weeks now, and not even the awesome coaches at the National Shakespeare Conservatory pulled out me what John, Gina and Robert have pulled out of me.I am always surprised and challenged there.

Check him out.

Thank you, John.

Ad Astra

The Sheltered Existence Pt.14 – Wonder of Wonders…

I interviewed for an apartment last week. Well, it’s a studio in a suite that I will share with three others, but we each have our own private room and we share the kitchen and the bath. I go back next week for the psychiatric screening.  It’s a really nice building in Manhattan on the West side. My “long national nightmare” may soon be ending.

Self-assertive energies Mars in the 5th House,  5,
activity period from 4 December 2011 until beginning of August 2012