15 Minutes

Head fakes 101

The last time I used the phrase “head fake” was in relationship to Glenn Beck. It’s time to revisit Head-Fake City. In sports, a “head fake” is a movement of the head, naturally, to trick the opposing team into moving in that direction. IOW, it’s a method of distraction.  We thought thWimp was a “master” at the “head-fake” until this week when he discovered that it doesn’t work anymore. He felt that by releasing a “reading” of the “chat” he had with the President of Ukraine, that all would be right with the World, and that we’d all be looking at Hunter Biden and the Actual Nothing Slider. The subsequent hiding of the actual transcript on a “eyes only” codeword server is what really got us to the Impeachment Inquiry.

Remember: with Watergate, it wasn’t the break-in, it was the coverup that caused Nixon to resign.