Thoughts on Martin Luther King, jr’s Birthday

On the anniversary of what should have been Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.’s 92nd year walking among us, I am thankful for having heard his words and seen his example of courage, grace and perseverance. My parents instilled within my brother and I what he so eloquently described as “judging by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.” I pray that I have done them proud.

We Americans still have a long highway to travel to get to the Promised Land of actual Liberty and Justice for all. The route is bumpy and filed with potholes, yet we managed to push forward. I’d love to be able to say we are near the end of the Journey, but I fear we have miles to travel before we reach that destination, and it breaks my heart that we appear to be squarely back to where were when Dr. King did indeed walk and march among us. I remember watching dogs and water cannons being set upon peaceful protestors in what can only be described as “police riots”.

I was a child in 1968 and it horrified me. I am still horrified by how we treat our fellow American simply because of the color of their skin. It is up to us – you and I to make Dr. King’s Dream a Reality.

15 Minutes

Head fakes 101

The last time I used the phrase “head fake” was in relationship to Glenn Beck. It’s time to revisit Head-Fake City. In sports, a “head fake” is a movement of the head, naturally, to trick the opposing team into moving in that direction. IOW, it’s a method of distraction.  We thought thWimp was a “master” at the “head-fake” until this week when he discovered that it doesn’t work anymore. He felt that by releasing a “reading” of the “chat” he had with the President of Ukraine, that all would be right with the World, and that we’d all be looking at Hunter Biden and the Actual Nothing Slider. The subsequent hiding of the actual transcript on a “eyes only” codeword server is what really got us to the Impeachment Inquiry.

Remember: with Watergate, it wasn’t the break-in, it was the coverup that caused Nixon to resign.


Until We Have Faces

until we have faces

Until we have faces
you will not accept nor understand your wickedness

Until we have faces your wives, mothers,
sisters, daughters
live in fear
Terror’s brutal face can be a brother,
father, friend
Cruelty a concern more about them

until we have faces
until We have faces
until we Have faces
until we have Faces
you will not accept
nor understand your wickedness

Until we have faces
your wives, mothers, sisters,
live in fear

Terror’s brutal face can
be a brother, father, friend
Cruelty a concern more about them

Until we have faces
Nemesis sleeps
the Social Order Unhinged.

Until we have faces
We hide in Your Shame

Until we had faces
you laughed at our pain

Until We Removed
our Masques and revealed
the scars your daughters
feared your scorn

The Masques the Veils no longer
hide us Shadows no more


I turned off Facebook’s API.

because I wanted more control over all my info. once you turn off the API you will have to create logins/passwords, but at least you will know that the info is yours and not some dystopic AOL wannabe.

can’t play games with FB friends.




Ghimeabragh, Prose & Poetry

Consistency in my podcasting

it ain’t there. I admit it. When I had “FANBLA” which was my Colbert Report pod, it was consistent. Now? I laugh… it’s unfocused, and that ain’t good. it’s all over the place. and it makes me sad. and that sadness makes me procrastinate till “too late!!” play a rerun, kids. Hell, even my FB pages languish, and they’re awesome. Too many “Heroes of the Republic” and “Internet KØØks of the Week”.

What’s an Attention Deficit Chick like me to do?

I really need to get out more.

Prose & Poetry

The Curse of Cheetolini

This past Monday I suffered a nasty bout of food poisoning. or was it? Could it be that my body was just ridding itself of the “poison” that is our current political climate? The first indication that I was not at all well was the feeling of gas that felt like I was going to explode. Was this an indication that I could no longer tolerate the gasbag in the white house? Feeling not all sure, or even well enough to seriously contemplate this, I took to my bed. It just made the feeling worse. Even more unnerving was that every time I endeavored to sleep, I’d get the “run don’t walk” signal to get to the bathroom. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep at all that night. Then during one run, I barfed. I barfed ORANGE! ORANGE! and it was then I knew it was indeed the curse of Cheetolini, as I was fine food wise until I ate those damned CHEETOS.

No More!

Best of spam, Uncategorized

So, this appeared in my spam

It’s a long post. It includes an old address for me. It’s a malware email. I removed the headers…

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X-Received: by with SMTP id t6mr19625928pgb.141.1498801966612;
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:52:46 -0700 (PDT)

(snippety headers)

ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1; mx.google.com;
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Received: from mail.idawa.org ([])
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(moar snippety doodah)


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