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The Sheltered Existence, Pt 11, Crossing the Abyss

So, I let all my facebook friends/enemies/frenemies know what my living situation is. No one has defriended me over it. Hell, I even posted it here. So why am I still outing myself? Because I can. I am the 99%. I work, I am disabled, though exceedingly high functioning, and I currently done earn enough to afford anything, anywhere in the USA. I know, that with the assistance I am being given by both City, State and Federal, that I will rise, like a phoenix out of this mire and be self-sufficient.

Being hospitalized for “suicidal ideation” has led to a certain amount of self-censoring. Just erased a paragraph, because you, the reader, may take it in ways than it’s intent. It sucks.  Just let me say, that I am over this particular “adventure” and I want my own place.