The Sheltered Existence Pt 16 Return to Grade School

Sunday. F$cking Sunday. We were all awakened at 6 am to the sounds of a heated argument. It lasted until 8 am. Two hours of people yelling at each over I have no clue, but since it was left to go on, I must presume that the overnight staffer was either asleep, not at the desk or watching it for entertainment purposes. Of course, the “SHUT THE F**K UP” rang out, along with “SHHH” all to no effect.

The rest of the day was quiet. Except for the Bernice Show. Loud, annoyingly brassy and you just want to stuff a sock in her mouth. She took exception to someone sitting near her at dinner and a grade school argument of “You can’t sit there” broke out. Duration? 10 minutes.

It’s time for the pre-medication snack, and a fight is about to break out over the gluttony of a few women. some are eating a third complete meal consisting of a leftover plate from lunch or dinner (or both) an apple and a slice of pie. This is not sitting well with the rest of the women who need to take their meds with food. This could be solved if a snack were brought in for everyone, but that’s asking a bit too much, when they more or less cleared out the fridge for tonight’s snack.

Thank you, Lord for my Deliverance from this Place. Selah