The Sheltered Existence, Pt 10 or, It really does take a poke in the eye

So, Friday.

Friday, I returned from my weekly meet up with a friend for late lunch and margaritas. When I returned to the shelter, I rode the elevator up with another resident who was just back from the hospital. She proceeded to tell me that the “Indigenous” Bigot[1]attacked her and  bit her so hard,  she required a tetanus shot. She was holding yellow paper.

Saturday, I had the day off, so I hung around, which was wise, as I don’t have a winter coat, and it was helacious outside with the snowstorm that blew through. I didn’t see either of them.  So, I asked where “I.B.” was, and I was told ALMOST the rest of the story: I.B. sees her victim and calls the cops. Cops arrive, and she starts calling telling the white cop to “go back to where he came from”. He tells her to be quiet. She takes this as an acknowledgement to continue her anti-EuroAmerican rant. THEN she sees the person she attacked and started in on her. The cops tell her not to speak to the victim. Again, she takes it as an acknowledgement to continue. She ends up under arrest, as does the victim.

On Sunday, on my way  back from work, I run into another from the shelter on her way home from work, who proceeds to tell me that the I.B. is at Bellevue for Observation and Evaluation. The victim was also stabbed in the eye with a pencil, a a piece of lead is still lodged in her eye.

Others had been repeatedly telling their caseworkers that the I.B. was close to harming someone, but they didn’t listen. A lawsuit may change that.




[1]The “Indigenous” Bigot (I.B.) is not First Nations. She’s German, Asian Indian and Black.

Image via Glasgow: Emblem: IUSTA VINDICTA