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The Sheltered Existence Pt.17 The Long Winding Road to Housing

This is my last few days at the shelter. I will be moving into permanent housing by weeks end. My “sisters” at Psi Kappa Omicron have decided to send me off with a bang: a few fights, psychotic smearing of feces on the bathroom wall, and generally being little more than grade school students not wanting the “unpopular kid” to sit with them at lunch. As for me, I’ve spent a few days doing nothing but sleep. I am exhausted from all this. I’ve spent a full day at HRA waiting to get a piece of paper, that I have to go back Thursday to retrieve.

I’m a celebrity… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

3 thoughts on “The Sheltered Existence Pt.17 The Long Winding Road to Housing

  1. I’ve just finished reading all your’ posts. Really eye opening. I think you should turn it all into an article…horrible existence, and,if they had just used that $3000 grand a month to house you,instead of tossing you in with the crazies and violent ones…

    1. Thank you. I am in the process of doing just that. There’s more to what I’ve been through. The shelter system is sadly crazy and sometimes violent.

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