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Rightwing Sleight of Mouth or the Right tries to redefine “Blood Libel”

I’ve decided to update this post with the entire exchange. oldest tweet to last. I am ExitPass

grivno Ben Grivno
Did you know that it’s impossible for historic terms to take on a broader meaning? So sayeth the Blood Libel obsession crowd! #TeaParty #p2
@grivno Blood Libel has a vry specific meaning. 1 that incited, & still incites anti-Jewish sentiment. It’s bn adopted by the Arab states.
@ExitPass Language is not a permanent fixture. the meaning of terms can broaden. the obsessive focus on a single term looks kinda crazy.
@grivno so, “nazi” no longer means “white supremicist“? “Christkiller” no longer means “Jew“? “Spic” no longer refers 2 “hispanics”? Gotcha
@ExitPass “racist” no longer means “one who believes his/her race is superior.” now it means “one who opposes the progressive agenda”
@grivno (cont) So,#Giffords accused Palin of “Blood Libel” when she criticized the “surveyor’s” symbol ovr her “surveyed” district as provacative?

From: @grivno
Sent: Jan 12, 2011 7:51p

@ExitPass the “blood” part refers to group of genetically-related people, this could expand to mean ideologically-related people

@grivno nice try. As a Jew, I KNOW whaT it means, and it means “Jews murder christians and use their blood in matzoh”. THAT’S what It means

@ExitPass I was setting up a logic framework, not dissing your intelligence. I figured U knew what it meant.

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The Events of the past few days

If you haven’t heard about the popular uprising in Iran following a bad attempt to rig the election, you must be a member of the Limbaugh Party as evidenced by this asshat of a tweet into the coverage via twitter:

StaunchConserv ByACORNhere2!?@chicago2cali:@StopAhmadi NEWS: Ppl recving calls w/ msg “U’ve participated in protest” 2 scare ppl #gr88 #iranelection #tcot

Yes, just had to shit in the bed. The little asshole wouldn’t know “popular uprising if it severed his dick. In fact, it’s being popularly ignored by the G(n)OP, since it doesn’t serve their agenda for an air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. They, like Edward Teller, don’t give a rat’s ass about the people who would die as a result of such an action. Only about the “result”… which means all out war on Israel, and, their aim of the End Times.

As I watch the unfolding of events tweet by tweet, I am struck by how the Iranian people are more participatory in politics than we Americans. To us, it’s a chore, a hardship to serve on a jury or even to vote. I am an American and a Jew, and to the people of Iran I say “Allah-OAkhbar” God is Great and may He bless you with a true and just outcome to your aspirations and a lasting Peace between all People in the region Shalom/Salaam/Peace