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Head fakes 101

The last time I used the phrase “head fake” was in relationship to Glenn Beck. It’s time to revisit Head-Fake City. In sports, a “head fake” is a movement of the head, naturally, to trick the opposing team into moving in that direction. IOW, it’s a method of distraction.  We thought thWimp was a “master” at the “head-fake” until this week when he discovered that it doesn’t work anymore. He felt that by releasing a “reading” of the “chat” he had with the President of Ukraine, that all would be right with the World, and that we’d all be looking at Hunter Biden and the Actual Nothing Slider. The subsequent hiding of the actual transcript on a “eyes only” codeword server is what really got us to the Impeachment Inquiry.

Remember: with Watergate, it wasn’t the break-in, it was the coverup that caused Nixon to resign.

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A long time coming…

so, it’s been a few months. How ya dune? Me? I’ve been regrouping on multiple levels: from a change in my mood stabilizing medication to getting a bit fitter to reconsidering the direction my podcast, At The Table, which is including a name change. When I started ATT, the concept was to have guests who were in the Creative Arts talk about their work. Over time, I discovered that since I had a very low listenership, the creatives decided I wasn’t worth their time. It became more about “who’s gonna hear” rather than just talking about their process. So, I went solo, and talking/blithering/venting for an hour is an art form I have yet to master. I’m working on it.

Soooooo…. I am also contemplating adding a video live stream so I can “loosen up” in front of the mic. (trust me, it’s easier to talk when you can actually “see”).  I”m an actor – I need the audience’s adulation and support, MY GROUPIES RIGHT AND/OR WRONG!!!!!

So, my streaming options are OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with an external web camera for FBLive or youtube from my laptop, Periscope from my phone/tablet – I had a viewership when Meerkat was around, so Persicope is the more viable option. I love the interaction on Periscope. viewers ask questions and sometimes get a bit rude, but hey, it’s ok.

I’m thinking of renaming the show after my humor blog The 5-23.

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An Open Letter to “Dr” Orly Taitz

Dear Mrs. Taitz,

I made Good Faith inquiries to you for an interview about YOU. what makes you tick, your time at Hebrew University, which will neither confirm nor deny you even graduated, Your political bent in Israel like, telling us about your connections to the Right of the banned KaCH party, Beitenu Yisroel, that is anti-Muslim. Or were you a member of KaCh? I’d also suggest not bothering to  attend Yom Kippurim services, since your confessions won’t be sincere. – all of which I deem relevant to Americans who want to understand you better. Your responses offered nothing but excuses, comparisons to real political dissidents who languish in prisons around the world, while you roam free under our oppressive Bill of Rights and to martyrs who have died for their cause. I must remind you, during this time of reflection, that we Jews don’t believe in Willful Martyrdom.

I’ve been following your sideshow for some time, and well, I just gotta say this: WTF? Do you even understand what a SLAPP Suit is? Do you understand what your attempts to deprive American citizens of THEIR right to Free Speech is called?Do you understand ‘RICO’? Your continual howls to boycott this show or that actor or add their names to a bogus “defamation” suit because they said things you considered “mean”, when most likely it was the truth regarding you and your crap “lawyering” . You have made the California State Bar a jesting-stock with your nonsense, and so, the time has truly come, madam, for you to release PROOF that it was you and not some well paid dupe who both took the Taft Law School Courses AND sat for the Cal Bar. And before your howler monkeys descend, I KNOW that you only had to provide your fingerprints at the time of your application to sit for the bar, and no a photo needed. I KNOW that no one from Taft ever spoke to you, I KNOW your English writing skills are worse than an amputee in a Calligraphy school. I KNOW you are incapable of writing a coherent pleading, and that alone should have disqualified your application to Taft.

I have no doubt that those who genuinely support your Sisyphean task truly believe that Hawaii is some exotic land somehow not connected to the USA like Alaska, which is connected to Canada which is connected to the USA.

The others are there for their amusement.

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Conspiracy 201: Baba Ganoush

Orly Taitz is headed for the Guinness World Book of Records, thanks to Georgia Deputy Administrative Judge Michael Malihi, when he ruled against her despite the fact that attorneys for President Obama refused to be present:

Georgia-Obama-Eligibility-FINAL-DECISION-of-ALJ-Mahili-Obama-is-NBC-3-Feb-2012 (pdf)

Even before the hearing, which Taitz kept describing as a “trial” she was dubious about Judge Malihi’s religious background, wondering if he were Iranian Christian or Muslim, but forgetting that there are Jews in Iran. I know, I know, as far as Ashkenazim are concerned, there is only them. Malihi is a Mizrahi (Middle Eastern Jewish) name, but that doesn’t mean squat to the successfully terrorized –  the low information voter aka “the Base” (or Groundlings or Peasants or Low Status, Willfully Ignorant). There is another blog, that posted the following

Immediately after hearing that Georgia Judge Michael Malihi ruled against the Plaintiffs in the case regarding Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, and hearing that Malihi was a Muslim Iranian, I decided to find out all I could about him.  Is his ancestry really Iranian?  Is his faith really Muslim?  And did either of these things, if true, play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?…. noticed that Intelius offered an alternate spelling of his name.  I decided to look into the name Molihi.  Pretty much everything led back to the name Malihi.   I will look more into that later as time permits.  I also noticed that listed as locations where he lived is Connecticut.  Wasn’t that where the social security number was issued that Obama is using, or has used?  Wonder if that’s got any legs?

Those permanently terrorized by the WoT are her most ardent supporters. You can read it in his comments. Yes, the “Terrorists” won, and they all profess to be Republicans. And, because of this, I fear for Judge Malihi’s safety and for the safety of  his staff.

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Orly Taitz, Free Speech for Me, AND for Thee

This morning I awoke to learn that the facebook group: Orly’s World had been deleted by facebook as “hate group” and what made us a “hate group”, why our Constitutional Right to mock Orly Taitz and her batshit birther seditionists. It seems on Facebook, you can call the President all sorts of pejoratives, threaten his life,  claim the Courts are corrupt and treasonous when they don’t agree with you, and call for outright sedition, yet, Facebook looks the other way.

The Supreme Court in 1988, sided with Hustler’s publisher, Larry Flynt in his right to ridicule public figures: http://articles.philly.com/1988-02-25/news/26241935_1_hustler-damage-awards-rehnquist
Issuing one of their most important defenses of a free press in recent years, the justices concluded that the Rev. Jerry Falwell could not recover $200,000 in damages awarded by a Roanoke, Va., jury for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The cause of the distress was an admittedly vulgar spoof in the Hustler magazine. It depicted Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority and a famous crusader for morality, as a drunken hypocrite who lost his virginity to his mother in a Virginia outhouse.

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, explaining why the damage verdict could not stand, said most people would consider the Hustler spoof “gross and repugnant.” But, he declared, “we think the First Amendment prohibits such a result in the area of public debate about public figures.”

“Were we to hold otherwise, political cartoonists and satirists would be subjected to damage awards without any showing that their work falsely defamed its subject,” Rehnquist said.

It is not enough for a political official or public figure to prove that his attacker was motivated by hatred or ill-will and intentionally sought to hurt his feelings, Rehnquist wrote.

full decision here

Dr. Taitz and her sycophantic Teabirthers need to understand that the holding of opposing views and opinions are what makes a Nation great. It is when those views you don’t agree with are suppressed that a Nation indeed flirts like a high priced whore with Tyranny.  Do they? Not on your life. That’s the  thing about Teabirthing Seditionists. They simply HATE. Hate the President, hate Congress, hate no religious test for public office , hate the Government and especially the Constitution’s Preamble and the Bill of RIGHTS.  so when a group of people of varying political ideologies come together to mock “Lady Liberty” (sic), we are labeled “cyberbullies” a “hate group”.

They will hate themselves for being so gullible, once they wake from their slumber.

We Are Orly's World. Expect Us