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I need your help, fellow Genealogists!!! I need people who speak Russian/Moldavian to research the veracity of Taitz’ background story.

Svetlena/Sveta (Orly) AVERBUKH/AVERBUKHA b. August 30, 1960, Kishinev, Moldova
educated in Kishinev, Moldova where she attended a Pharmacy School.
Need Hebrew/Russian speakers to verify that she did indeed graduated with a DDS or equivalent from Hebrew University, as Sveta/Svetlena/Lena Averbuch/Orly Averbuch. I need photos of her on campus with classmates who can verify that the woman claiming to be “Orly Taitz” is indeed the same woman. I also need documentation of when she changed her given name from “Svetlena” or “Sveta” to “Orly”.

I need people to investigate her attendance at Howard Taft Law School, specifically ANYONE who can verify that she wrote her entrance essay, took classes, and passed all exams. These same investigators should also contact the California Bar and seek to verify that “Orly Taitz” is indeed the “Orly Taitz” that was fingerprinted and then sat for the Bar.

I require boots on the ground, and hard copies of documents, and video testimony where possible. Your reward will be the thanks of the American People who are sick and tired of this Seditious creature.