Did you know

that if you google “human stress” shelter, it asks if you meant “humane shelter” stress? It seems treating shelter animals for stress is more important that treating humans in shelters for the stress of residing there.
BUT!!! type in “homeless shelter” stress, you get one article dealing with the stress of living in a shelter, and it’s in Journal of Leisure Research… oh, yes, in fact, homeless women need MORE downtime to deal with the stress of having no or so little income, that they live stacked like cordwood in places you wouldn’t put a dog. In point of fact, shelter dogs are treated better – they get complete medical care, a balanced diet and a fast track to re-homing.

For example, After three months, at this new shelter, I completed a second housing packet since I became homeless. Apparently, the first one wasn’t any good, because it came via the ASSESSMENT SHELTER, where I had a place inside of  two months, wasn’t sent over, and therefore, redundancy was in order, now where it will be three months before I even talk to DHS (Dept. of Homeless Services)  about housing. Happy Fucking New Year. It’s all about the money.

And, they wonder why I am so stressed out. Got an idea for you: Check your asses into a shelter for three months, the time it takes to get all the paperwork done, since the shelter works under the premise you have nothing better to do with your time than sit around tending hemorrhoids, as you’ll only see your caseworker once a week. lots of luck seeing a nurse, by the time you get to the sign-up sheet, you’re either waiting all day  or shit out of luck. Weekends, you’re shit out of luck anyway, since there is no medical person available.

Or, we are viewed as “object lessons” for spoiled brats like the Kardashians:

…The teens were shown refusing their food because ‘It’s not my fave,’ texting at the dinner table and leaving the family dinner to go out with their friends.

When the girls steal Bruce’s credit card to go shopping, the former Olympian can’t take it any more and decides to take them to a homeless shelter to give them some perspective.

‘Kendall, 15, and Kylie, 13, have been very blessed, we’ve given them everything they want,’ he says. ‘My responsibility as a parent is to show them what reality is.’

Speaking to the girls, Bruce says: ‘You don’t understand the value of a dollar, so we’re going to see something that will put you life in perspective and maybe you’ll appreciate your life a bit more.’

See? We are homeless because we “don’t understand the value of a dollar” Fuck you, Bruce Jenner.

Kim reveals that when she was their age, her late father Robert Kardashian took her to Skid Row in Los Angeles to show her how privileged her life was.

At the shelter, Kendall and Kylie are shocked to meet a girl who lives with her entire family in a room the size of their bedrooms.

‘It’s kind of eye opening,’; Kylie says. ‘Their whole home is the size of my bedroom. Their whole life is in that room, that is so sad to me, that people live their lives in this tiny space.

Kendall adds: ‘The girls at the shelter showed us what life could be, and made me really appreciate everything we have.'[1]


I am the Few, the Proud, the Motivated to get my ass out of there.




How to Get Started

I’m still trying to figure that out, 12 years after my “mild” TBI. I can only get so far, then. I don’t know what to do. It’s like a big ugly wall is thrown up and there is no passage, no gate or door to open and go through. And so I am where I am.

Can I demolish that wall?