Ghimeabragh, oil on velvet

A Lesson in Sockpuppetry

Dear Socks,

If you are going to wander into a Facebook group to take on the members, it is always a good idea to read up on the person you are planning on impersonating, otherwise, you come off reading like a semi-literate baboon. Currently, there is a person pretending to be Emer De Vattel in one of the “Make Fun of Birthers” groups “challenging” us on Vattel’s inivisible “natural born citizen”. Invisible, because De Vattel never used the phrase in  his  Laws of Nations Or PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW OF NATURE APPLIED TO THE CONDUCT AND AFFAIRS OF NATIONS AND SOVEREIGNS . The French is Le droit des gens or, The Right of the People, if it were “Nations” it would be Le droit des pays.  So, right there, we have the first error in translation. How many more are there in that 1883 edition that was digitized in 1999?

Another thing, my dear sockpuppets and wanna-be torlls, if you have to run back your froup for support, you’ve lost.

So, remember my little sockpuppets, on Facebook you cannot be supported in email. And if you are going to impersonate someone, please try a wee bit harder, for you too can be awards the Cracked (Chamber) Pot, like Birther Køøk, “Emmerich Vattel” :