The Sheltered Existence Pt. Snippy or, I was right, this is not a Secular Shelter

Yesterday, I went into a snit over being unceremoniously kicked from the cafeteria where the only useful outlets are so the church ladies who hold bible study in the “library” could have the space for their Thanksgiving celebration. I should point out, that a lot of other women were also kicked out when Staff came in announced that there was to be church in the cafeteria. No notice, nothing. So I got bent out of shape. A caseworker came out and I complained to him, and he got defensive (because he knew it was wrong) and then essentially said “Tough shit, this is a Christian majority.”

So, this Thursday, which is Thanksgiving, I will not be partaking of the traditional turkey dinner, as it means I will be forced to sit through Christian prayer and testimony in order to do so.  Now, there are those who would call me ingrate and those that tell me to suck it up and compromise my religious convictions, such as they are.