Thoughts on Martin Luther King, jr’s Birthday

On the anniversary of what should have been Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.’s 92nd year walking among us, I am thankful for having heard his words and seen his example of courage, grace and perseverance. My parents instilled within my brother and I what he so eloquently described as “judging by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.” I pray that I have done them proud.

We Americans still have a long highway to travel to get to the Promised Land of actual Liberty and Justice for all. The route is bumpy and filed with potholes, yet we managed to push forward. I’d love to be able to say we are near the end of the Journey, but I fear we have miles to travel before we reach that destination, and it breaks my heart that we appear to be squarely back to where were when Dr. King did indeed walk and march among us. I remember watching dogs and water cannons being set upon peaceful protestors in what can only be described as “police riots”.

I was a child in 1968 and it horrified me. I am still horrified by how we treat our fellow American simply because of the color of their skin. It is up to us – you and I to make Dr. King’s Dream a Reality.


Until We Have Faces

until we have faces

Until we have faces
you will not accept nor understand your wickedness

Until we have faces your wives, mothers,
sisters, daughters
live in fear
Terror’s brutal face can be a brother,
father, friend
Cruelty a concern more about them

until we have faces
until We have faces
until we Have faces
until we have Faces
you will not accept
nor understand your wickedness

Until we have faces
your wives, mothers, sisters,
live in fear

Terror’s brutal face can
be a brother, father, friend
Cruelty a concern more about them

Until we have faces
Nemesis sleeps
the Social Order Unhinged.

Until we have faces
We hide in Your Shame

Until we had faces
you laughed at our pain

Until We Removed
our Masques and revealed
the scars your daughters
feared your scorn

The Masques the Veils no longer
hide us Shadows no more

Best of spam, Uncategorized

So, this appeared in my spam

It’s a long post. It includes an old address for me. It’s a malware email. I removed the headers…

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A reminder

we rail at the year that reminds us that we are mortal.
like Lear railing against the winds
Death is not proud. death is not cruel
only the manner of its calling

Rail on against the manner of dying.
Rail on against the winds that swirl around us
reminding us in their gentle whisper



Notice of Compulsory Illumination


Thank you for demonstrating your knowledge of the English language. By continuing to read this Notice, you hereby agree to be bound henceforth by the following terms and conditions:

1. You agree not to allow others to do your thinking for you. This includes making the assumption that the opinions expressed by newscasters, editors and pundits from media outlets large or small, “Conservative” or “Liberal,” are your own opinions.

2. You agree that you will not necessarily want to buy something just because there is a commercial for it on TV.

3. You agree that advancement in life is not synonymous with a fattening bank account.

4. You agree that your beliefs are not inherently more valuable than other, even conflicting, beliefs held by other people. You agree that you have neither an obligation nor a license to decide what is best for others.

5. You agree not to obey laws simply because they are on the books. Rather, you shall question the moral authority behind every legislative endeavor of every government. This point is inclusive of your responsibility not to wait for unjust laws to be repealed before violating them.

6. You agree to engage in activities resulting in excessive amounts of paperwork for “Authority Figures.” This is to slow the bastards’ march toward totalitarianism, as well as to discourage them from pursuing any further their career in being a pain in your ass.

7. You hereby deauthorize and denounce any notion you have until now espoused which furthers in your mind the idea that the State is your Protector, because it is, in all truth, the opposite.

Remember, Citizen: your compliance is not only requested, but is enforceable under this and other Agreements, regardless of whether you are aware of them or not, or whether you have already agreed or have yet to agree to them.


Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite  awhile since my last post. Life has a wy of distracting you even more when you are dealing with ADHD and related attention issues. My last mammogram was clear/clean so three more, and I am “officially” done with my breast cancer.  doesn’t mean cured, means remission. like chicken pox, it can return, but to worry about it is non-productive. and I am non-productive enough as it is. I’ve discovered MEERKAT & PERISCOPE and am grateful that there are people out in the twitterverse who actually like what I have to say. 

over the past year, I Have lost friends some natuarally, some by their own hands, and others at the hands of madness. I have never been religious, and when I see how Death cults working under the guise of “religion”, I recoil and move farther away. I wonder at the Creator who introduced murder, war, and slavery to humanity, and who sees to it that it is more important than love, compassion, and cooperation. I Hear the arguements, and they are not compelling. in fact, the arguements are quite repelling. Those involved in a separate consenus reality, who believe in NWO/Illuminati are jsut as deluded. as they believe this is their enemy


Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and remember, work for love, compassion and peace.


Prometheus rebound…

A few months ago, I walked away from the project, due to a lack of communication betwixt myself and the producer. Apparently, it was incumbant upon me to hold the meetings all the while listening to him. I also was replaced in the seminar recording projecting leaving me to just be a body spending more time on buses than actually in the seminar and on my own dime, more or less. There were other factors as well, but the gist is:
I couldn’t afford it.
Best of luck to the new production team and actors. Who, unlike the professional talent I was working with, will be paid.