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The Sheltered Existence, Pt 11, Crossing the Abyss

So, I let all my facebook friends/enemies/frenemies know what my living situation is. No one has defriended me over it. Hell, I even posted it here. So why am I still outing myself? Because I can. I am the 99%. I work, I am disabled, though exceedingly high functioning, and I currently done earn enough to afford anything, anywhere in the USA. I know, that with the assistance I am being given by both City, State and Federal, that I will rise, like a phoenix out of this mire and be self-sufficient.

Being hospitalized for “suicidal ideation” has led to a certain amount of self-censoring. Just erased a paragraph, because you, the reader, may take it in ways than it’s intent. It sucks.  Just let me say, that I am over this particular “adventure” and I want my own place.

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Holy shit…. Beck’s career is paralleling Howard Beale’s

Has it occurred to any of you that he has a martyr’s complex? He’s repeated this often enough to make me think it’s a dog whistle. He identifies with Howard Beale in NETWORK.

from wikipedia:

Howard Beale (Peter Finch), the longtime anchor of the UBS Evening News, learns he has just two more weeks on the air because of declining ratings. Weary from misfortunes and sorrowful, he is treated to a night of drinking with his boss and friend, Max Schumacher (William Holden), followed by mention of his desire to kill himself. The following night, he actually announces on live television that he will commit suicide by shooting himself in the head during next Tuesday’s broadcast.

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BOOK REVIEW: Getting Started with Audacity 1.3

I podcast, so when I was contacted by the wonderful people at Packt Publishing to review a new book on the use of the open-source audio multi-track recording and editing program Audacity, I said, “OF COURSE!” and, I was sent a review copy of Getting Started with Audacity 1.3 by Bethony HIitola.

(A note to all you Windows and Linux users, don’t let the fact that a mac was used in the production of the book dissuade you from using this book. Audacity is a cross platform application.)

The book is directed towards the new to podcasting who are looking for an easy and uncomplicated application for producing podcasts, and while reading the book, I found a solution to my own Skype recording issues (sorry AudioHijack). Getting Started with Audacity 1.3 is written in a clean and concise manner that may put off a more experienced podcaster or producer as it doesn’t delve into sample rates and the more arcane and esoteric areas of recording and editing.

Being focused on the new to podcasting, the book uses screencaps and exercises to get the new user familiar with the process of recording, editing and finishing the podcast. One of the many highly useful tips that the book gives, is a how-to for timed recording – an automatic start/stop. For example, you have a 25 minute interview planned, you can set it to stop recording after that time, although should the interview be rolling along, there is the risk of losing anything beyond the set time. To get around that – set the timer to end at 45 or 60 minutes.should it run less, then simply stop the recording. From there, the reader is walked through the process of editing, adding silence, music and other effects to create a finished and airworthy podcast.

All in all, a very good, very useful introduction to Audacity.