The Sheltered Existence, Pt13 Et Mi Matria

Happy UN-Thanksgiving. Times Square Church came and served up Jesus with the turkey and pork. I sat for a bit. got up and left, returned and began shaking with rage over the extreme level of discomfort, and the knowledge that I had reached my limit on the psychological pressure. I cracked. I vented, to a caseworker the week before, a volunteer, and I got the stealth conversion spiel from the woman who organized it from TSC. Everyone was telling me to suck it up and enjoy the turkey (which I did).  Later in the evening, while talking to a  staffer I mentioned my impression that this is not a secular shelter, and she agreed.

This morning, I got the stealth conversion via invitation to a church thanksgiving. The only way I can deal with the pressure is to be out of body, so to speak. or, banish myself to someplace else.

For 4 months,  I have put up with the unrelenting stealth proslytizing by the staff. They get all defensive when I asky why no consideration for other beliefs.   Thursday, the Umbrella organiztion will be serving a Thanksgiving meal. I told my caseworker that I feel the need to be “fucked up” in order to cope with the prospect of being on the outside looking in. I am stressed, anxious, doubling up on my meds. I sleep but wake up tired. I am angry. frustrated.  and, no one at that fucking place really gives a shit. ALL COURT HOLY WATER


I may be in Purgatory, but the rest of them are in Limbo.

So, Hail fucking Eris, kiddies.

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Prayerful Silliness or Why does God need a Crew?

Do you know the difference betweem a REAL Invocation to god and a unreal one?

Take the test:

In the name of The Almighty El Shaddai, and by the power of the archangels, angels, spirits, powers and intelligences of light, I invoke the miraculous power of The Most Holy name of God, The Samech Aleph Lamed (one of The 72 Names Of God) so that I may connect to the sphere of financial abundance.

Can you spot it? No? It’s this:

In the name of The Almighty El Shaddai, and by the power of the archangels, angels, spirits, powers and intelligences of light….

Why does El Shaddai (God is Sufficient/Provides/Destroyer/Overthrows(Remover of Obstacles) the Name He is called by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob know Him as,why does he have to have assistance? It’s like Superman asking Jimmy Olsen to help him move a mountain. It place doubt upon the Power of God

But then, the  above  “prayer” was written by a Christian, and they  all know God is weak since Satan has an all access pass and a “get out of Hell  Free” card, while God is stuck up on that Throne.

El Shaday, as sung with duende by Israeli-Yemeni Pop Star, Ofra Haza:

and, the sterile contempoChristian song “El Shaddai”, by sung by Amy Grant.

Think they were freaked by the mooslimeee sound of the music?

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The Tale of Kochheaded Dave

Poor little Davey Koch. Someone punked his Governor, and now he’s crying about “Identity Theft”


Yes, children, gather round and hear a tale of Poor Kochheaded Dave.
Dave was so wealthy, even he was impressed by it, and thought he was Master of the World. One day, while Kochheaded Dave was petting his second favorite pet, it was an oddly adorable, yet vicious little beast called a “teaparty”, his first, another vicious, yet unadorable beast called a “Walker” was being tutored in the art of deception.

A man, an alien being known as a “Journalist”, picked up his telephone, and made a call to the pet, Walker, and knowing he wouldn’t get to talk to the Walker if he revealed himself, pretended to be Kochheaded Dave. Hilarity ensued as the Walker rolled over and exposed his throat to the Pretender as the Pretender played his unpaid role. The Pretender, when he had had his fill, ended the call, and revealed himself to the World. Now, this revelation caused the Walker great anguish at having been revealed to be the pet of Kochheaded Dave, and Dave. Well, Kochheaded Dave was outraged at the humiliation of his pet Walker, and the admission that he, Kochheaded Dave owned such a pet.

Thinking about what recourse he had, Kochheaded Dave went to the press and declared:

“It’s a case of identity theft,” Koch told the New York Times in a rare interview Friday. “I didn’t even know his name before this brouhaha erupted.”

Poor Kochheaded Dave was beside himself (his favorite sexual position) and “joked”:

“I was thinking to myself, ‘My God, if I called up a senator or a congressman to discuss something with them, and they heard ‘David Koch is on the line,’ they’d immediately say, ‘That’s that fraud again — tell him to get lost!'” he said.

And, you know, that Senator would be quite correct in that assessment.

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