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Orly Taitz, Free Speech for Me, AND for Thee

This morning I awoke to learn that the facebook group: Orly’s World had been deleted by facebook as “hate group” and what made us a “hate group”, why our Constitutional Right to mock Orly Taitz and her batshit birther seditionists. It seems on Facebook, you can call the President all sorts of pejoratives, threaten his life,  claim the Courts are corrupt and treasonous when they don’t agree with you, and call for outright sedition, yet, Facebook looks the other way.

The Supreme Court in 1988, sided with Hustler’s publisher, Larry Flynt in his right to ridicule public figures: http://articles.philly.com/1988-02-25/news/26241935_1_hustler-damage-awards-rehnquist
Issuing one of their most important defenses of a free press in recent years, the justices concluded that the Rev. Jerry Falwell could not recover $200,000 in damages awarded by a Roanoke, Va., jury for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The cause of the distress was an admittedly vulgar spoof in the Hustler magazine. It depicted Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority and a famous crusader for morality, as a drunken hypocrite who lost his virginity to his mother in a Virginia outhouse.

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, explaining why the damage verdict could not stand, said most people would consider the Hustler spoof “gross and repugnant.” But, he declared, “we think the First Amendment prohibits such a result in the area of public debate about public figures.”

“Were we to hold otherwise, political cartoonists and satirists would be subjected to damage awards without any showing that their work falsely defamed its subject,” Rehnquist said.

It is not enough for a political official or public figure to prove that his attacker was motivated by hatred or ill-will and intentionally sought to hurt his feelings, Rehnquist wrote.

full decision here

Dr. Taitz and her sycophantic Teabirthers need to understand that the holding of opposing views and opinions are what makes a Nation great. It is when those views you don’t agree with are suppressed that a Nation indeed flirts like a high priced whore with Tyranny.  Do they? Not on your life. That’s the  thing about Teabirthing Seditionists. They simply HATE. Hate the President, hate Congress, hate no religious test for public office , hate the Government and especially the Constitution’s Preamble and the Bill of RIGHTS.  so when a group of people of varying political ideologies come together to mock “Lady Liberty” (sic), we are labeled “cyberbullies” a “hate group”.

They will hate themselves for being so gullible, once they wake from their slumber.

We Are Orly's World. Expect Us

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Holy shit…. Beck’s career is paralleling Howard Beale’s

Has it occurred to any of you that he has a martyr’s complex? He’s repeated this often enough to make me think it’s a dog whistle. He identifies with Howard Beale in NETWORK.

from wikipedia:

Howard Beale (Peter Finch), the longtime anchor of the UBS Evening News, learns he has just two more weeks on the air because of declining ratings. Weary from misfortunes and sorrowful, he is treated to a night of drinking with his boss and friend, Max Schumacher (William Holden), followed by mention of his desire to kill himself. The following night, he actually announces on live television that he will commit suicide by shooting himself in the head during next Tuesday’s broadcast.

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NewsDaily: Courts to rule on fan-created music videos

NewsDaily: Courts to rule on fan-created music videos.

So, here’s my take: It’s not the fans who are violating the DMCA, but the hosting sites, since they are the ones making money from our fan vids. I am with EMI on this:

EMI’s suit will likely revolve around two legal issues. First, are video-sharing sites — which organize, categorize and profit from user-uploaded copyrighted content — liable for copyright infringement? While the Digital Millennium Copyright Act includes “safe harbor” provisions for sites that promptly remove videos upon receipt of takedown notices from content owners, copyright owners claim that the DMCA, enacted years before video-sharing sites even existed, was never intended to protect sites that built businesses around rampant, unlicensed use of others’ intellectual property, especially when they encourage users to upload copyrighted content. (EMI also alleges that Vimeo itself uploaded videos containing its music, activity that isn’t covered by DMCA safe harbors.)

The suit however, does not cover the fanvids that are created, by say, fans of The Colbert Report, The Daily Show or even, the O’Reilly Factor (Disclaimer: I have made fanvids for all three shows. Hey, even O’Reilly needs…. uh… uhm….) But, since we the creators of these videos are not the ones profiting….