Wherein I out myself on Facebook as Being Homeless

I just wrote:

I am the 99%.

I have a single paycheck job, while trying to make it in the theater and in Real Estate. and, with that single paycheck, I pay my phone bill, buy my medications, pay for a permanent mailing address, and to hear the caseworkers talk, that is a “skewed set of priorities”.

I live uncomfortably in a shelter with 99 other women, some of whom are incapable of holding down even one job. I do not earn enough to rent a room let alone an apartment.

I do not get anything more than food stamps, as even with the little I earn, I am still making more than I’d get on SSDI or SSI. I prefer to be working. So would those who are #occupyingWallStreet. Like the young man who lost his home when he lost his job. or the Vets who are treated like shit upon their return from too many tours. or the Seniors who are seeing their life savings piddled away by Banks shifting derivative risk over to their insured savings.

The only student loan I have is for a now defunct Theater Conservatory I attended over a decade ago. I have no car, no credit card, nor good credit (Thanks, VESID & SAE). I have a smart phone as adaptive device and a computer so I can work.

I worked for those fuckers on Wall Street @ the PSE and for Investment Bankers in NYC.Let me tell you,  their cocks got harder talking about money than they did talking about their wives and girlfriends.