The Hazards of ‘holding it together’

Been thinking about that a lot. About how hard I’ve worked since the mugging to “keep’ what I was prior to the brain injury. Came to a conclusion: forget it. It’s too much work for no reward. I’ve ‘kept it together’ for nigh unto ten (10) years and all I have to show for it is a job that just pays my expenses and nothing more. Pehaps, if I had support from people in my situation, and not just rehashing the events of May 1, 1999, or how they received their TBI, maybe, just maybe, it would be different. As it stands… In the course of my recovery, support was the one thing I lacked. My then BF couldn’t be bothered to ask or to gowith me. He just kept on like nothing had changed for him. Selfish Bastard that he is. So, thanks, Joshua for not a single fucking thing. ‘Keeping it together’ I’m tired of trying to be what I no longer am. Exhausted, actually. Stay tuned