I now know where the ACLU’s Priorites Lay

Yep, I now have Federal proof of Citizenship & Name. Still not good enough for the State of NJ. They still want me to undertake an undue burden and go to court and CHANGE MY NAME. yes, New Jersey expects me to file a petition to return to my birth name, so, five months after that, I can go back to court and seek to change my name back to the name I have used since 1988. The name my bank account is in, the name my passport is in. Undue Burden.

Background diary:
Wither the ACLU/NJ?
They called me a few months ago, sort of expressing interest. I told them I was willing to go public, and telling them there were no skeletons in my closet – I’m still waiting on them to call back.

In the meantime, the ACLU has decided that going to bat for aRon Paul supporter who was harassed by the TSA for his carrying $4,700 in cash was more important than my being able to get a drivers license. I cannot write a check, because a passport isn’t acceptable ID for those companies that do check verification. Can’t get a library card.

But I CAN pay state taxes. The State acknowledges my name by the collection of taxes,yet, won’t issue me ID..

I now think, that I am waiting for my own “Godot” – that the ACLU/NJ doesn’t really exist, yet we all think it does and we hope it shows up.

My next step? file the damn lawsuit on my own. Pro Se. that’s what it’s called, isn’t it?