Brain Injury, Melancholy and Being Stuck

I called the Brain Injury Assoc.of NJ two days ago. I think I”m not brain injured ‘enough’ for them, despite what I was told. No referral list has hit my email box. So, I stay stuck. can’t get out of a hole when no one will throw you a lifeline. So, today, I took the step of stopping the ‘happy face’ shit. I take no meds, so no withdrawl. I simply don’t desire to suppress the so-called ‘bad’ feelings that I call “Melancholy”, and my mom called it “unhealthy brooding”. Got news for you: being happy all the time is impossible if you’re not on drugs. Fuck that. I prefer having real emotions over pharmaceutically induced one.

Let’s hear it for Personality Disorder NOS!!!! WOOO WOOOO and fuck you you insensitive mother-fuckers.

Gaga te en la boca de sus padres