Why can’t New Age paga-wiccans™ design with taste?

As a non-believer in the Christian God, a distinct entity from the Jewish God or the Islamic God, all have their failings, it still doesn’t explain the utter tackiness of paga-wiccan imagination when it comes to cafepress t-shirt design. Now admittedly, I’m toss all designer of cafepress t-shirts into the same Wickerman, but hear me out.

I just found a cafe press store by something named ooky spooky newey agey “Ravynwolfe” love the chimeric name, don’t you? which part is the “ravyn” and which part is “wolfe”? With 1960’s flower power clocks and “Wiccatoria” (sounds like a cafeteria where wiccan is served au juis) Wiccan on the half-shell?
Looking at the “Cast a Spell” t-shirt, the image it looks like it was done in apple’s “Pages” or “MS Paint”. it’s messy and unreadable. Orange, is the dominant color along with ugly tones of green that does a great disservice to Irish pagans everywhere.

No real creativity to see here. Move along, now.