Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite  awhile since my last post. Life has a wy of distracting you even more when you are dealing with ADHD and related attention issues. My last mammogram was clear/clean so three more, and I am “officially” done with my breast cancer.  doesn’t mean cured, means remission. like chicken pox, it can return, but to worry about it is non-productive. and I am non-productive enough as it is. I’ve discovered MEERKAT & PERISCOPE and am grateful that there are people out in the twitterverse who actually like what I have to say. 

over the past year, I Have lost friends some natuarally, some by their own hands, and others at the hands of madness. I have never been religious, and when I see how Death cults working under the guise of “religion”, I recoil and move farther away. I wonder at the Creator who introduced murder, war, and slavery to humanity, and who sees to it that it is more important than love, compassion, and cooperation. I Hear the arguements, and they are not compelling. in fact, the arguements are quite repelling. Those involved in a separate consenus reality, who believe in NWO/Illuminati are jsut as deluded. as they believe this is their enemy


Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and remember, work for love, compassion and peace.