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An Open Letter to “Dr” Orly Taitz

Dear Mrs. Taitz,

I made Good Faith inquiries to you for an interview about YOU. what makes you tick, your time at Hebrew University, which will neither confirm nor deny you even graduated, Your political bent in Israel like, telling us about your connections to the Right of the banned KaCH party, Beitenu Yisroel, that is anti-Muslim. Or were you a member of KaCh? I’d also suggest not bothering to  attend Yom Kippurim services, since your confessions won’t be sincere. – all of which I deem relevant to Americans who want to understand you better. Your responses offered nothing but excuses, comparisons to real political dissidents who languish in prisons around the world, while you roam free under our oppressive Bill of Rights and to martyrs who have died for their cause. I must remind you, during this time of reflection, that we Jews don’t believe in Willful Martyrdom.

I’ve been following your sideshow for some time, and well, I just gotta say this: WTF? Do you even understand what a SLAPP Suit is? Do you understand what your attempts to deprive American citizens of THEIR right to Free Speech is called?Do you understand ‘RICO’? Your continual howls to boycott this show or that actor or add their names to a bogus “defamation” suit because they said things you considered “mean”, when most likely it was the truth regarding you and your crap “lawyering” . You have made the California State Bar a jesting-stock with your nonsense, and so, the time has truly come, madam, for you to release PROOF that it was you and not some well paid dupe who both took the Taft Law School Courses AND sat for the Cal Bar. And before your howler monkeys descend, I KNOW that you only had to provide your fingerprints at the time of your application to sit for the bar, and no a photo needed. I KNOW that no one from Taft ever spoke to you, I KNOW your English writing skills are worse than an amputee in a Calligraphy school. I KNOW you are incapable of writing a coherent pleading, and that alone should have disqualified your application to Taft.

I have no doubt that those who genuinely support your Sisyphean task truly believe that Hawaii is some exotic land somehow not connected to the USA like Alaska, which is connected to Canada which is connected to the USA.

The others are there for their amusement.

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to “Dr” Orly Taitz

  1. Do you really think that its possible that Orly could have had someone sit in for her for the Cal. bar exam? It would explain a lot, but is such a thing possible?

    1. Yes, all the Cal Bar requires is fingerprinting at the time of application for the Exam. My brother and my father both took the Cal Bar, and that’s all that was required of them at the time they submitted their applications. Both sat for the exam in the 1980’s. My father passed the first time he took it, my brother tried three times. Taitz has such a horrific grasp of both the law and procedure, that there is no way she could have sat for the exam. As for Taft, they require an essay for admission. If you look at even one of her pleadings, you can tell she has no grasp of the language as required by Taft.
      From the Taft Admissions page:

      Applicants Educated Outside of the United States
      It is necessary for applicants holding earned degrees from colleges or universities outside of the United States to obtain an evaluation of their education from a credential evaluation service approved by the State Bar of California. Upon request, the School’s Admissions Office will provide a list of approved evaluators.

      In addition, applicants whose native language is not English and who have not earned a degree from an accredited institution where English is the principal language of instruction must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum score for the paper based version is 550 or the equivalent.

      Plus, there is the Pre-Law requirements:

  2. Yep, better start tallying up the cost of defending yourself, cause Orly don’t take no reasonable ciriticism from nobody. You’re gonna be served and take up the spot in the lawsuit formerly reserved for John and Jane Doe number 37 on the left.

    When the judge asks for submissions to slap Orly with costs…. you want to be ready.

  3. They ought to dedicate an episode of “Walking Dead” to the birther movement. You can slay them seven ways from Sunday, and they still manage to pick themselves up and mindlessly roam the earth, seeking to feast on Obama’s flesh.

  4. “You have made the California State Bar a jesting-stock with your nonsense, and so, the time has truly come, madam, for you to release PROOF that it was you and not some well paid dupe who both took the Taft Law School Courses AND sat for the Cal Bar.” – I’ve been wondering this myself.

  5. Excellent synopsis of orly. She is truly mentally ill and I think her supporters, what few are left realize how incompetent she is. She has to win the WORST lawyer award. But she sure is good for laughs!

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