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UPDATE: Open Letter to the California State Bar Disciplinary Board


It has been a full two (2) three (3) years since a formal petition to disbar on Dr. Orly Taitz for was filed. To date, there appears to be no action regarding this complaint.

I am adding my voice to the chorus of complaints regarding ORLY TAITZ, ESQUIRE, BAR NUMBER 223433.

Dr. Taitz has a record of scurrilous and unprofessional behavior, that is tainting the perception of members of the California State Bar (my father recently retired as a member), in that she has pursued with the compulsion of a stalker spurious allegations that our duly elected President of the United States is not a citizen, has presented documents, including a “kenyan” birth certificate later identified to be a forgery, has harassed members of the Supreme Court, leveled derogatory charges to Judges (“idiots”) and anyone else who rejects her absurd and demonstrably false claims regarding the POTUS (whom she calls “Usurper in Chief), with terms not limited to but including “thugs” “treasonous” “traitor”, “terrorists”, and  the list goes on.

  • Taitz has now gone on to plead for help in acquiring private (home) phone numbers and personal email addresses of Judicial officials who have ruled against her: (Charles White, ex-Secretary of State for Indiana, recently found guilty of Voter Fraud and other CLass “D” felonies)
  • Stalking Deputy Administrative Judge Michael Malihi, for being “corrupt” and inciting  against him for being an alleged Muslim: (question on his middle name) (questions regarding an AZ LLC due to the name “Malihi”)
  • Encouraging her followers to harass GA Secretary of State Kemp to set aside Judge Malihi’s decision regarding President Obama’s remaining on the Ballot:; (“Burn up” the phones)
  • But more importantly, is demanding that only she be the recipient of “donations” for her “work”, warning people against donating to others who are trying to unseat the President.  Solicitations, I might add are ongoing and, with no accounting from her incorporated “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation”.
  • Providing no proof other than an Uncertified Personal check (not her Law Account) to show she paid the $20,000 fine that was levied against her.
  • Considering her lack of legal knowledge, I believe she needs to be investigated as to whether it was she who actually attended Taft Law School, took the Baby Bar and sat for the Bar Exam, as well as verifying she has complied with Continuing Education. I should add, that this concept has been floating around since 2009

It is apparent, that her tactic is the same as she used in her “lawsuit” against the Principal of the Yeshiva she sued when her son was accused of cheating: harass them til they resign and go away.

When will you take action and disbar this embarrassment to the United States legal system and the California State Bar? It is painfully obvious that she has a worse grasp of the Law than a one-armed man in a wrestling match.