What am I Thankful for

What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for all who turned their backs and kicked me to the curb, you know who you are. I am thankful that my “Landsmen” did the same – I am thankful to not be part of such a community that turns its back upon those who are homeless, indigent and needful. I am than thankful for all the handwringing by the majority over the prospect of having to give equal time for other beliefs, by claiming it was an attempt to shut their worship down.

Thank you all for giving me Power.

3 thoughts on “What am I Thankful for

  1. This landsman is frustrated as hell about the lack of competence, and even more so, the lack of compassion of other landsmen in positions of authority who remain unresponsive. No rachmunis. I’m sorry, magpie.

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