15 Minutes

Why, yes, I will be hosting a talk show

over here Fridays 5-7 PST/8-10 EST. I’ll be talking about Language and how it shapes the Consensus Reality and what happens when language gets schizoid. Call and let’s discuss the following premise:

I’ll be bringing up elements of what some call “woo” and others call “new age” and others NWO, call it what you will, but the fact remains, we as a whole, agree on our Reality and what it means to us. The fabric of Reality is being torn and patched by the Rightwing from the Kochs to Heritage Foundation to Glenn Beck and Orly Taitz. It’s my opinion, that there is a shift from a Forward looking reality where our Nation excels to one where we live in a Dystopian World not so much of William Gibson or Phillip K. Dick or even Orwell or Huxley, but one of our own intentional making.

Progressives, Liberals, and yes, my own dear Pagans have let the frightened Right shift perceptions, while we just whinge and stamp our feet. Their tactics are not “occult” or “mysterious” they’re actually rather blatant and simple:
Trust me. I know what they’re about.
Let’s tell some stories ourselves, shall we?