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The Mad November Teaparty

While listening to C-Span, there was a comment about Boehner raising money for Rand Paul, yet not endorsing any of the winning teaparty candidates.  It occurred to me, that all the dire talk regarding a Republican takeover of the House may not be all it’s cracked up to be. As a lot of us have noticed, the teaparty really  comprised of sore losers, what with the defeated refusing to share stage and endorse the winning Republican candidate.  How will this shape up at the polls? Will they stay home? Will they vote “None of the above“? It feels to me, that they will stay home, since they will not hold their noses and vote for the unholy not “conservative” (i.e. radical/extreme) GOP candidate. THAT would be “politics as usual” and “surrendering”. In other words, the dodos are running a caucus race.
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This does not mean that those of us on the “Left” Progressives, Moderates and others should sit on our asses and stay home. Quite the contrary, we should be out firing up our “disaffected” peers. Democracy is a grassroots, community organized affair.

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