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Uncomfortable Art in Newark or, F#*K CURATORS

On Saturday August 28, at Newark‘s Index Gallery, a little gallery show was held featuring the art of

TaskOne, …Mr. Mustart, Serron and Dmitry Gubin. Ironically it was curated by Extranjera. The name of the exhibit stems from the difficulty talented, controversial artists and their provocative subjects have in getting a gallery show without compromising their vision.  While all of the artists are extraordinary, Serron is a standout. His art is political, provocative, confrontational and frankly uncomfortable. It was Serron I had the opportunity to chat with about his art, and his modesty about his talent was amazing. Soft-spoken with a keen eye, his works hark back to the politically active years of the 1960’s from the Newark Riot piece to his take on an old joke to placing that very uncomfortable word “Nigger” square in your face in such a way that the soul-killing meaning of that words cannot be avoided or justified by use by anyone. One work, is mixed media paint and paper. “FREE HUEY”. A flier for a fundraiser in support of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (a/k/a THE Black Panthers of Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Prof. Angela Davis)

TaskOne has a style reminiscent of contemporary anime,  Dmirty Gubin is bold strokes of color. …Mr. Mustart uses found pieces such as chinese take out menus overlaid with “Hello Kitty!” Keep your eyes open – you’ll be hearing more of all of these Newark, NJ talents.

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