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LaCie’s “Little Disk” will damage your Harddrive

and, here’s why:

in April, I purchased a LaCie “Little Disk” it has a small footprint and a built-in USB cable. I thought that was pretty neat. Then I got it home. Every time I shifted my laptop, it unmounted.

here’s the conversation I have going with LaCie Wreck Support:
First, they tried to tell me, my 2Ghz mac was too slow:

So I give him the specs to my mac & he responds by tell;ing the same f$cking thing:

So, they send me the damned “Power sharing cable which is really just a USB cable that plugs into the drive. Didn’t work. So, a few weeks ago, I get this email from them:

Valued LaCie Customer,

we’re sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced by an issue with your LaCie product.

Please be assured that we will do our best to quickly provide you with a fully functional unit.

We would ask that you carefully read and follow the instructions as detailed in the attached document. Please also make sure you print and stick the attached delivery note on the external package you will use to send your defective unit back to us.

Please also note that this document is not an Air Waybill allowing you to send the defective product at our own cost, and can never be used as such.


LaCie Technical Support.

That’s right, they are telling me that if I want the thing repaired/replaced, I have to

  • 1)buy a new external HD
    2) transfer the files,, since they will be wiping the drive
    3)send it back at my cost
  • Are the serious? S, I responded with the following email to Wreck Support:

    Dear Tech Support

    If I am such a “Valued LaCie Customer”, I’m certain you are desirous of
    keeping me as such.I have come to a decision concerning my LaCie
    product: You are going to replace it. NOW. You will send me a new
    External HD that is not a “Little Disk”, but with a comparable portable
    250G drive if none is available, then a 320G. I find it equally
    preposterous, that you are requiring me to first, buy a new drive to
    back up my files and then I HAVE to pay for the return? I don’t think
    so. You will send me a replacement drive with an RMA. I will then
    transfer my files to the replacement and return this PoS to you along
    with the cable you sent all conveniently stored inside the case I bought
    for it.

    So far, I have had to repair my Internal HD twice today due to this
    perfectly awful drive. Yes, your “Little Disk” has f$cked my Internal HD
    and has stopped my workflow until I can replace it.

    I am a Very peeved “Valued LaCie Customer”

    I CC’d sales on this. I think, I’m buying a portable WD MyBook Studio.

    update:Spoke to LaCie TechSupport, seems that embedded in that warranty, that no one ever needs is the fact any warranty return is on the customers dime. Also, is /dev/null SWEET they send you an email, you reply, and never hear back, because they don’t monitor the inbox. This “Valued LaCie Customer” is going elsewhere for her drives. oh, and what good IS a external harddrive if you have to have a back up for that and a back up for the back up and so on? LaCie Tech, you are lusers

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