The Ballade of the Whining Artisan

wow. wow. wow. Who knew that ol Ravynwolfe, the Irish trad “witch” with the “Welsh” spelling of “Raven” (hint: “Y” is a vowel in the Welsh language when it falls between consonants, just as “W” is a vowel in the same linguistic placement) is all up in arms over my critique of her wares. See the comments in the Bad Taste thread. Not only is she incapable of decent pagan design, she is incapable of rational discourse and needs moral support from birds.

My pagan name was given to me by my power animals twenty two years ago. In many pagan and native american and first nations traditions, a name is either bestowed upon you by your letting the old self die away and birthing your new being into life, or by something great that has happenned to you. I’m 47 years of age and have been Pagan all my life and Wiccan for at least the last 22 years. A name is a powerful thing in my faith. You don’t like it…understood. I have nothing against your not liking my stuff. To each his/her own. I’ve seen good and bad pagan and Christian articles on cafepress. I’ve just started mine early into February and hope to get better as I go along. The picture you talked about, Cast a spell, had only the white of the eyes made brighter and the words below it added. The rest of it was totally captured by a camera without anything else added. Many pagan people that I know, actually like it..fancy that! Also I can’t see anything wrong with my Kiss me I’m an Irish Pagan t-shirt. I love the colour green and how that puts down an Irish pagan when you prefaced the whole critique by saying “all those not believing in the Christian God” are failing….I think you put them down far more by those words. I am also a Christian Gnostic and totally believe in the Christian God..because for me all Gods are just one facet of the ONE God. Everyone has their opinions about whether something looks good or not but I dare say putting down someone’s traditions in their faith vis-a-vis their craft name is far tackier and UnChristian than adding a colour to a shirt that you don’t like. After thinking this all over….and where you are coming from, I decided that you have done me a good thing by putting more advertisement to my products…so I thankyou for that. I wish you well in your path in life, Blessings of Christ to you.

yes, this is the whole of her comment. She’s Pagan, Gnostic Christian, and, a Culture Vulture by invoking First Nations into her comment. Note, too, how she feels the need to instruct me in the Way of the Pagan. I surmise, that she is of that ilk that can brook no criticism of self, which speaks to a lack of insight and self reflection. After all, to be a Gnostic is to be in the Gnosis

But, Point fer ol’ Ravyn – she knows how to use Teh Go_Ogle to find herself on teh intertubalnets.
I’m Cal-Faery Trad (see Victor Anderson) myself, and Creativty is High on Our list, but she is not very. No, I am not going to link her. She’ll do that herself in her next commentary on “hating” her for her faith.
No. I don’t hate you.
I just think you are a not very Creative human being.

The 40 Year Old Magpie