Week 9 Chemo Update

Well, two weeks ago, I clipped all my hair off, after most of it was left ing my brush and comb over the previous 6 weeks. Yes, the hair loss was that fast for me, truthfully, it’s better than nausea. Other unpleasant effects over the last week has been the loss of appetite and a metallic taste. Tiredness is ever-present.

After this next course, I have three weeks of the taxol+herceptin course, which is followed by about six weeks of radiation+herceptin. THAT will be followed by simply the herceptin for the duration of chemo.

And, now for some lovely pictures I shot with my Canon G10 at Riverside Park

The tunnel to the Hudson River Greenway
The tunnel to the Hudson River Greenway

Life at ground level Walk this wayI am thankfully for all my friends and family for the support.