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SovoCits & the 2nd Amendmet

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SovCit. No, I am not referring to Citizens of the former USSR, no I am referring to “Sovereign Citizens” Those “Americans” who think themselves above all laws of their State and Country. Who will not pay taxes, drive with licenses or insurance, and who use th elaws they so despise to harrass the Courts and indiviuals who disagree with them. SovCits, and others believe their 2nd Amendment Rigth to carry trumps everyone elses 4th Amendment Right to be safe in their Persons, Possessions and Home. The intolerance shown toward those who are not like “them” is telling. Their support for unfettered access to firearms enriches the Black Market for firearms aroud the World & provides felons, drug dealers, domestic abusers, the severly mentally ill, and terrorists access to firearms via the Gun Show Loophole. Yet these same “Patriots” yelled and howled over the debacle that was Fast and Furious.

To be clear, I support the Constitution in all it’s Glory, yet I must wonder how past generations, of men and women looking down (or up) at what Mass Hysteria has wrought and are shaking their heads. Too many of these individuals only see the Constitution with only two Amendments: the 2nd and the 10th. Why even a Congressman stated that our Right to Free Speech came from the SECOND. Sir, YOU are entrusted by your constituents, and the rest of America with upholding the Constitution. How can you when you clearly have no freaking clue as to what was therein.

My questionis this: How many of these SovCits, Patriots,and Militiamen are also involved in illegal arms dealing?
To you “Originalists”, So, you only wish White Landowning Males to vote? You want Slavery to return? Indentured Servitude for those who can’t pay debts? Oh,wait, we already have that. The Constitution will still give Congress the Power to regulate Trade and regulate Taxes.

Or, are you just fearful of your own shadow?