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How to disrespect your past. Orly Taitz edition

on this past Erev Yom haShoah (which she spelled “yom A Shoa), Ms. Taitz fell into a sinkhole and spat on the 10 million murdered by actual Nazi Policies. She has actually conflated her crusade with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and actually posted this as part of her disgusting Narcissistic viewpoint:

“Let us not forget: if in Germany in 19332-1942, before Hitler took oer the nation, some attorneys were to fight and be persistent, they could have found one honest judge, one honest court, some decent members of Reichstag. Lives of millions could have been spared, if people were to open their eyes early on and were to fight the concentration of power, the abuse of power, the lawlessness and corruption. We have to fight. We might lose a battle, we might lose a dozen battles, but we will win the war. Defeat is not an option.”

No matter that you can’t even properly transliterate Yom haShoah, Ms. Taitz, if indeed your grandparents and parents survived the Kishiniev Massacre, you have disgraced, and committed a sacrilege against their memory, and the memory of those who died there in your self-serving sham of a crusade to get as much money out your sycophants as possible.



Yom ha Shoa