Call me crazy, but

I really would like to attend CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) as a blogger/podcaster. So, I emailed them requesting credentials. Now, to raise the money to go. It’s not that much for megabus to DC roundtrip, I have a place to stay, so that’s not an issue. Oh, and I will need souvenir money.

Oh, OK, the REAL reason I want to go, is that I hear Orly will be there and will “get in their faces, and I am longing to witness the confrontation and her being ejected…

2 thoughts on “Call me crazy, but

  1. When is it, and how much? Depending on when, I might be able to help you out. Let me know. I hope you’re planning on documenting it, cuz I’d love to see Orly getting tossed out on her behind. *L*

    1. the event is Feb 9-11 in DC. I’m still waiting to hear if I have a media pass. once that’s confirmed, I’ll let you know. Thanks, riki.

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