One of the women got stuck with an insulin needle belonging to the bed warmer next to her. Funny, the woman is not supposed to have her needles with her. But this goes along with the selective rule enforcement. I cannot go into a friend’s dorm, but one woman here, has the run of them. IN fact, I observed her in a sleeping area at the front of the dorm I am in going through the locker. Staffer said nary a word

WE cannot have a camera for ‘privacy reasons”, yet the Times Square Church had their cameras out snapping us “gratefully eating their Thanksgiving meal” I had to ask them to not take my picture. Double Standard. My P/S will be here, and if they naysay, I will point to TSC. We were never asked our permission for them to take pictures, and the Organization overseeing the shelter had no right to permit it. Privacy is Privacy. Rules apply to ALL or none.


I have my SSDI meeting this morning @ 10:15.
I know who the locker slammer is.

Adventures in SSDI. Had the physical and psych. Got a bit hysterical with the internist over the TBI – kept asking me “how I knew I had a TBI” while not letting me finish. Oh, I know he had to ask, and the fact he triggered me by asking them I hope is a good thing for me. Am tired. Am relieved I don’t have to maintain the “cheery” façade for today. It’s so tiring.


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