The Sheltered Existence Part 8: About Last Night…

So, last night. R comes back in rip-roaring drunk and singing rather loudly. She nearly falls backward but is caught, by another resident, who suggests she lay down, which of course, the drunk one does not agree to, and starts to complain that no one likes her. About 10 minutes later, a couple of other women come up and say that she has bitten someone and it’s crazy downstairs. So, for lack of anything else to do, I wander down to the third floor to watch. Get down there, and there she is, sitting in a chair with two cops around her, being loud, and as I walked past her, I noticed she was cuffed.  She kept getting up and the cops would have to move her back to the chair, where she would start complaining about her arm. The N.P. was treating the victim, some of the ladies were peeved at the N.P. because she called the cops and the EMT’s on the drunk. Well, what else was she supposed to do?

The EMT’s arrive, they ask her her name, which she responded to with the correct answer, and they all began to walk out, with the biter admitting to the violence as she was steered toward the elevator.

Woke up this morning, and she was back. So much for the rules. She’s violent when she’s drunk, and they won’t do a damn thing about her.  I guess, it’s about money and that she’s got mental deficits.

G, who finally is getting an apartment, started in another, who she has been tormenting. Listening to G and what she plans to do, I fear for anyone who ends up with her as a home health aide.