The Sheltered Existence, Pt 5, Bully Edition

Won’t be nice about this entry,

G has been taken away, and staff is complicit. I came back from the ER to find cops in the dorm at G’s bed, with one of the staffers standing apparently telling them she’s crazy. So, they took her.

G was bullied into her breakdown. G is maybe 60ish.  Sobriety is an unknown quality to the wom en who bullied her. Mean? Only to those who were mean. Get respect? She’s been bullied, called “drunk”, bullies are always the victims, and always howling about how she deserved it. never the victimizer. Take AY-vah,  comes and goes as she will, and last monday, as I was doing my wash, started in on me. Yapping that I was here because I had diddled some kid, or fucked someone’s man. Threatened to knock my “nice dentures” out. Staffer was standing by the door listening, and instead of stopping it, let it go on until he realized I wasn’t taking the troll-bait and put a stop to it.

“Is anything wrong, “ladies”?

“Oh, no.” says the troll with a fake innocence.

They will find another. Won’t be me, as none here exist to me any longer.


Oh, W. yer going to get your comeuppance.

Lashon Hara. comes back to bite.

W is now going through the containers and locker with her clothes that she will never wear and is shaking out a dress. She was going on about G and her “alcoholism” as why she ended up here. Critter, YOU are here with a picture of the man who kicked your sorry ass to the curb, because you fucking slept all day, smoked and generally sat on your ass while demanding to be deferred to.

Even the 2 inch cockroaches run from you. Or was that the bug up your ass?