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wanna avoid getting sick from your dog or cat?

WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! While dealing with the typical hate on dog owners seem to have towards cat owners, blah blah bla disease… like your dog is the healthiest thing on the planet. A liitle research turned up this CDC article:  Animals: Dogs | CDC Healthy Pets Healthy People.  Yes, your dog can transmit the following illnesses: giardia, or hookworm, Crypotsporidium, Lyme Fever, Ringworm, Tapeworm, Salmonella, or Rocky Mountain Fever among others.

How do avoid the possibility of contracting any  of them? Simple:  just as it is with avoiding illnesses transmitted by cats, inlcuding taxoplamsis, is to wash your hands.

If you’re healthy, you probably won’t contract any of the above from your dog, but if you have a compromised immune system, then you need to be more careful.