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Like Attracts Like?, or, Why I think the LoA is nonsense


Yeah, you heard me. I think the “Law of Attraction” is bull. It’s hypocritical. It’s all touchy feely “picking up good vibrations” but when the Universe gives you negative “excitations”, suddenly, it stops being “Like Attracts Like” and the back-tracking begins. If my awesome experiences are the result of “Like Attracts Like” then why aren’t the not so awesome experiences? Is it because you can’t accept a “Plutonic Universe”, a Blind, yet potent Force that bestows Fortune and Tragedy without regard for social station, place or circumstance?

“But, Magpie”, you say, “bad things are circumstance. The Universe is a Loving place. We were created out of love. How can it be so cruel?”

“Simple. When I was much younger, I used to pretend I was on a soap opera with a pivotal hospital scene. Circumstance surrounding it are never explained, but sometimes, I would have facial injuries, as that’s what I almost always saw – unless of course it was the dreaded “incurable disease of unknown origin”. May of 1999, my hospital pretend came to pass with my being beaten. Now, according to LoA, I planted that outcome. Except I didn’t. Capice? No? Okay. Here’s another example of why it’s wrong wrong wrong. Friend of mine and I used to make quiet fun of the bag ladies we saw in San Francisco. Bag Ladies. That is what homeless women were called way back in the “good ol’ days” of the 1970’s. I’ve bee chronically homeless. Did I attract that, or just “wrong place, wrong time”? LoA will tell me “wrong place, wrong time” So will the Bergian version of Kaballah.

It’s all about “Touch-Feely” Goodness that like a lot of “modren” neo-paganism as well, cannot accept the duality of their gods. So LoA is also incapable of accepting that “Like attracts Like” for good or ill. and, it ain’t “Rubberband Karma”, either.

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