You don’t perceive as I perceive

So, I go into a circular “I don’t see the questioning of your injury” argument with a friend.  Of course she didn’t – the question wasn’t directed at her, and it wasn’t the 20th time she had had her mTBI questioned in a private email from the leader of a support group.

  1. Survivor
  2. Caregiver
  3. Medical Professional

in a group for “MILD Traumatic Brain Injury” it’s insulting to be questioned when you post a link or two. ESPECIALLY when one defines how you perceive your mTBI. So I played Drama Queen, answered her,  and snittily left in a snit.

YOU do not perceive as I perceive. just as I don’t perceive a slight to you in the same way, or hear criticisms not directed at me. Precisely because they aren’t directed at me.

My mTBI was the result of a home invasion. I’m high functioning, so HF, that I come across as a hyper, inattentive smart ass, who must occasionally take a break from work and lie down . and, that’s where the problem lies.