In Which Team CoCo makes the News

Yesterday, Jan 18, 2010, I and a group of Conando aficionados gathered in front of 30 Rock to let NBC know what we think of their laying  the blame for News Affiliates across the country for their revenue losses since Jay went to 10 pm. We all know that the 11:30 show is responsible for 11:00 pm NEWS losing advertising dollars, right? Yeah. right… Zucker the Sucker can’t blame Jay – Jay is their “blue-eyed boy” and Conan is the lanky mick they punked five years ago with the promise of hosting The Tonight Show when Jay “left”. They didn’t say he could keep it if Jay wanted it back. did they?

Even Minnie knows that NBC is being dickish about the way they are treating Conan and his writers:

So, we gathered, we chanted and had a massively fun time. The cops didn’t hassle us, even though we had no permit to gather, and 30 Rock is private property – got tossed out of there doing a promo for Corel Wordperfect.

So, here are a few more images: