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J’Accuse Mike Huckabee of Complicity in the murder of four Tacoma Cops

I accuse Mike Huckabee of Indifference. His indifference and callousness regarding his role in the execution of four Tacoma cops is not surprising, or even saddening. It’s par for the “Me Generation” course. It’s par for the American NeoConFundie course. It’s their Gospel. The Gospel of “It wasn’t me” You were all about clemency. 703 people were granted clemency during your tenure as Governor SEVEN HUNDRED THREE. More than any other Governor. who then went to Missouri, and raped and murdered someone. No, it’s not your responsibility. I mean you said you prayed with him – I mean he  “converted” to Christianity – Christianity. The New GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card?

Huckabee, who was criticized during his run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 for granting many clemencies and commutations, cited Clemmons youth. Clemmons later violated his parole, was returned to prison and released in 2004.

On Sunday, Huckabee issued this statement on his Web site: “Should he be found to be responsible for this horrible tragedy, it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington state.”

via Source.Yes, Mikeeeeeee, it’s the System’s fault, not YOURS – YOU let him walk free. YOU set this murder in motion. It’s never the fault of sitting Governor – YOU. You will pray to your twisted God – Yalda baHut, this is Samael, The Blind God, the God who doesn’t see his own wickedness or his own good

Governor Huckabee, You are a hypocrite, a liar and a product of the “Me Generation”

Oh, and of course, a Good Christian. A VERY GOOD CHRISTIAN. Pull the fucking mote out of you eye and take responsibility for  setting the murder of four cops into motion. I know you won’t but ask them and their families to forgive you before you ask God.

“Good behavior in prison doesn’t wipe out what you’ve done. Good behavior and a relationship with Jesus isn’t enough.” see comments

Oh, and when you lose Right Wing bloggers like Little Green Footballs and teh freepers you’re so fucked. So smart of you to decide to not run in 2012