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The Danger of Celebrating Halloween: Spiritual Life in God

>N.B. This is a cached version of the post. CBN has since removed it, since howlingly deserved ridicule followed. I have a pdf of this cached post.

CBN.com – Halloween—October 31—is considered a holiday in the United States. In fact, it rivals Christmas with regard to how widely celebrated it is. Stores that sell only Halloween-related paraphernalia open up a few months before the day and close shortly after it ends. But is Halloween a holiday that Christians should be observing?

The word “holiday” means “holy day.” But there is nothing holy about Halloween. The root word of Halloween is “hallow,” which means “holy, consecrated and set apart for service.” If this holiday is hallowed, whose service is it set apart for? The answer to that question is very easy—Lucifer’s!

via The Danger of Celebrating Halloween: Spiritual Life in God.
Ok. I admit it. I am  a “Witch” am I Good? Bad? Indifferent? Depends on how mad you make me. but this is ridiculous.

The word “occult” means “secret.” The danger of Halloween is not in the scary things we see but in the secret, wicked, cruel activities that go on behind the scenes. These activities include:

  • Sex with demons
  • Orgies between animals and humans
  • Animal and human sacrifices
  • Sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood
  • Rape and molestation of adults, children and babies
  • Revel nights
  • Conjuring of demons and casting of spells
  • Release of “time-released” curses against the innocent and the ignorant.

Another abomination that goes on behind the scenes of Halloween is necromancy, or communication with the dead. Séances and contacting spirit guides are very popular on Halloween, so there is a lot of darkness lurking in the air.

WTF? I mean, I NEVER have Demonic sex. I have Wicked Good Sex, but never NEVER “Demonic”. Then, there is the “Ritual Child Abuse” crap. You know, the crap that ruined the McMartins in California.
Well, guess what Christians, praying to a saint is Idolatry. But, you’re too ignorant to see that.

I’ll have a followup to the Soul Stealer who authored this piece of crap shortl