I’m pissed

I was chronically homeless between 2003 and 2007 (poor roommate choices) when I got this place . During that period, no one gave a shit about me except for two people who were too far away to do anything. I went through my rehabilitative therapies alone  – not one support organization wanted anything to do with me, I guess because my TBI wasn’t an approved method of acquisition ( home invasion, not Domestic Abuse) and, you’re kicking people to the curb who are fighting to keep you around?

I had no one fighting for me, but had a lot of people fighting against me. People like the BIA/NY who couldn’t decide if I was to old, or not severely brain injured enough for help, though, they did refer me to Staten Island Univ. Hospital for therapy. C.I.D.N.Y (Center for the Independence of the Disabled/NY – they just yanked my chain on a regular basis and outright lied to me. (wanna see the emails) and you kick people to the curb?

I realized Joshua didn’t care when, it was so cold here, that there was a frostbite warning for overnight – that was 2005, I think. I had to talk my gloves off to get my metro (transit) card out and use it. between the time I took my gloves off got the card, swiped it and put my gloves back on, my fingers were frozen. Frozen ot the point that my body temp made me feel like my fingers were burning, and my screams went unheeded, and Joshua slept in his bed.

I went on to Kinko’s to set up the Dawn Patrol

And you kick US to the curb? Jackass.

Fuck you.