Orly Taitz… KGB disinfo agent, or just plain nutz?

you be the judge.

Now, it seems, that Agent Taitz,has uncovered a plethora of  Social Security numbers under the name of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA


Not according to that bastion of fact checking, has eaten this up like lambs being fattened for slaughter with an claim, that Obama has 39 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!!!!!!!! *ROLLS EYES*

Now, there is growing intrigue surrounding this dual citizen, such as rumors that she may be KGB, and, that she left for Israel two days after submitting the forged “Kenyan Birth Certificate to a US Federal Court.


I can’t link to her site, without a “MALWARE WARNING from GOOGLE…. YOU DECIDE if google is right.

“It is unfortunate that collateral damage happens, but it is necessary to exterminate terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah,” Laguna Niguel resident Orly Taitz, 45, said.

Quote source

She, like other on the extreme “right” of things has a problem with Obama’s name. She’s an Israeli eliminationist, an emigrant to the US from Moldavia in the former USSR. Is she a Disinfo agent, or just plain batshit? her tv appearances tell the tale