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If BenZion “Eli” Weinfield is more of a Jew than I,

thank God, I am not his “type” of Jew. I’m a Reformed/Reconstructionist Jew. I do not keep kosher, sometimes, I attend Sabbath services, and sometimes, observe the High Holy Days. Weinfield’s type of Jew is a Williamsburg hypocrite. Pious and upstanding to his Orthodox/Chasidic community, low, mean and sinful in the eyes of my God. To me, being a Jew is so much more than the outward trappings of observance. Why am I singling this man out?

Simple. He is my landlord. He is a deadbeat, and I have the Court Order to prove it. I, along with every other tenant, in every building he owns, is paying our rent directly to the firm that provides the oil to heat the boiler in our buildings.

He is an affront to Jewry. He brings to life the “It’s OK to cheat the gentile” myth. He needs to be shunned. Much like Madoff’s wife has been shunned.

UPDATE: Two weeks ago, I received a notice addressed to OCCUPANT from PSEG (a utility company) telling me I owed $14,000.  I spent three hours at their Customer Service attempting solve the Mystery of the Outrageous Utility Bill.  and,  Mystery it is indeed. They have no record of either BenZion “Eli” Weinfield d/b/a Mount Prospect Group, LLC or of their Property Mgrs, the Calello Agency of Newark, NJ of having an account with them.  30 days ago,they  dropped their listing with as well.