Presenting Cheney’s Tories: a Burlesque

The original definition of “Burlesque” comes down to us from the French (yes, FRENCH, BEEE_YATCH) and Italian Literary form, where it referred to “a grotesque imitation of the dignified or pathetic”. Cheney’s Tories have become a grotesque imitation of the (once) dignified GOP. These New American Tories are indeed Monarchists. They support without question what ever spews forth from the mouth of Dick Cheney and his coterie of purveyors of Court Holy Water.
Below is a bit of a twitter exchange I had with@portermason, a witty and talented improviser about the very sad ‘game’ that is being played by Cheney’s Tories Burlesque Team:

If you can’t read it, just click on the image for a high res. version

The Tories are fearful, superstitious and feeling cornered. They don’t like the idea of someone who isn’t ‘all white’ working in the White House in a position other than porter, maid, or dishwasher. They have seen America’s future, and it doesn’t include them