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Psycho Cat Killer on the Loose

hide your pets and wallet

I showed you!
I showed you!

oh, yeah, he showed ’em. showed ’em good. But doesn’t this post rise to the level of wire fraud?

A bit of  background: he and his slave, had a cat who was 13 years and was suffering from CRF the feline equivalent of kidney disease in humans. Several people over on LiveJournal offered help and, his response?

why to “rehome a baseball bat up her ass”
I’ll ‘rehome’ a broken baseball bat up her flabby white trash ass first

UPDATE Nebris has since stated, that he was “joking” about killing the cat, and has now chosen to “privatize” all posts after Jan 5, 2007 and before Jan 21, 2009. a full year of paranoid rantings. the link to his threat post is “gone” I am leaving the above image and posting intact, since the LJuser he threatened still has the threat quote in her journal. The above image is protected speech under the First Amendment since it is here to spur discussion of animal abuse and sociopathic behaviors.